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You have massive potential within you for creation and contributing your unique gifts to the world. The only limiting factor is your mind. My writing, trainings and coaching programs are designed to help you master all areas of your life: health, career, relationships and spirit.



The power to manifest your destiny, control your life, live your Truth, have unlimited energy and become truly Un-Fuckwithable.


We have one life and it is our lifelong mission to discover how we can contribute to the world and serve others with our unique gifts.


Goal achievement and striving is meaningless if we do not feel at peace while doing so. When we are aligned, we feel at peace.


Getting a private coach is an important decision. It is for those who are truly ready and willing to commit to creating a better life and improved performance for themselves.


Here are 9 reasons why getting a private coach may be the right move for you.


Whether it's a move to a new city or country, the ending of an important relationship, a career change or higher career ambitions, you need a coach to help you through that. This is a great opportunity for you - a chance to start again. Together we will clarify how you approach these new situations and develop a plan for starting over "right", to ensure you design the next phase of your life based on your strengths and needs on your own terms.  


Are you still unsure of what you should be doing? Have you tried many different careers and haven't found the one that fulfills you? You know that there is something out there that is your true calling, but you aren't sure what that is? Working with me, we will clarify your top values and needs, find your goals and create a plan. Sometimes the path is there but we simply do not see it, or we do see it but do not believe that it is for us because we lack confidence and a plan. Together we will create that for you.



The truth is, if we want to chase after our dreams successfully, we have to make decisions. Opportunities will present themselves and we need to act on them. If you are not acting, it could be because you are overthinking. You are stuck in your mind and this paralyzes you from taking action. All your daily "have to's" and your thoughts may be getting in the way, and a coach will help you slice through the noise and simplify the problem.


Believe it or not, we really only have 2 main fears: Fear of Death, and Fear of Loss of Love. All the other fears we experience are usually subsets of these. Although fears never really go away, we can develop our inner power to fight and overcome them. I will help you identify the main fears holding you back, and we will develop strategies to keep you winning.  


Do you often put off for tomorrow what you could do today? Do you talk about making a change or launching a passion project, but keep delaying because you want things to be "perfect" first? 

"Perfectionism is insecurity with lipstick on." - Gary Vaynerchuck. 

There is no such thing as a "perfect time". No successful person waited until everything was perfect before putting themselves out there. If this sounds like you, then you could benefit from coaching. We'll help you find the beliefs that are holding you back from taking action, and chunk down the tasks so that they are small and manageable. 



You may already know what you want out of life and have that big dream for yourself. But there is a voice that tells you that you can't do it, and that it isn't for you. This usually stems from a wound on the past that you keep looking back on, consciously or subconsciously. Or some "lesson" that a person you respect has imparted on you. This has unfortunately generated some limiting beliefs that are blocking you from your path forward. Together we will examine your beliefs, discover those that may be limiting you, and replace them with more empowering beliefs.


You have big ideas; a business you'd like to start, a creative project you want to finish, a book you want to write. Great! But there's a problem. If you spread yourself in too many directions at first, you won't get anything done. Believe me, I've been there - I call it the Curse of Curiosity. There are so many cool things in this world and we get excited about a lot of them. Without laser focus, you won't make it in any significant way. Working with me, we'll figure out the main thing you want to focus on. And if you already have a clear vision but still can't focus, you just need an action plan. I'll help you with that too.  


Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. We try to do the right things - eat healthy, quit drinking, morning meditation, exercise. Maybe we keep it up for a few days, but then it all crumbles and we spiral into self-indulgence and we lose our forward progress. We'll work together to identify the habits you want and create a system of incentives to get you to stick to them. Daily habits are the keys to success. If you don't believe me, just do a Google search and see how many best-selling books there are about habits!



At the beginning of any creative endeavor or passion project, you will be excited. After a while, your excitement will decline, and you will encounter a serious bump in the road (actually, you will encounter many of them!). The following-through is where the success comes from. Successful people are those that keep pushing through, no matter what comes up. It is a daily battle called discipline. If you often find yourself in this position, you need a coach. I will hold you accountable and keep you focused throughout the whole journey to get you where you need to go.


With Kevin’s support, I am feeling more grateful and learning more every day about what I really want from life. The exercises we did have given me some clarity on where my pain points are. His guided audio meditations are like magic!


Payroll Specialist, Zurich

During our sessions I felt a deep emotional release, and I was able to let go of issues that had bothered me for many months. Since then I have been able to move forward from a stagnant phase in life and take the next steps in my career.


Insurance Claims Agent, New York.

I felt an immediate sense of calm after meeting Kevin for the first time. He has a unique combination of kindness and firmness, he understands your point of view but is also not willing to accept excuses. Kevin also introduced me to breathwork which I found very useful. Overall I'm extremely grateful for the coaching sessions I had with Kevin, it helped me gain a new perspective and finally understand some of the things I was struggling to figure out on my own. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking to develop themselves further with a coach who is knowledgeable, empathic and dedicated to helping his clients.


Reinsurance Manager, Zurich

I’d reached a point in my career (and my personal life) where my priorities began to change and I realized that what I was doing was not really the ‘life’ that I wanted for myself. The problem was I didn’t really know what I wanted to do next or how to go about changing it. I’ve found Kevin’s coaching sessions not only inspirational and enlightening, but I often left feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It goes deeper than merely which job I should be doing. We also discussed my personal situation, my deep rooted needs as an individual, and what I wanted from my career.


Corporate Communications Manager, Manchester


If you are one of those people that just want to put thoughts out there and let them "manifest" without doing anything, then I am probably not the coach for you.


I work with only a very small number of private clients. This is not a fake scarcity tactic. I devote a lot of time to my coaching clients and I want to maintain a reasonable life balance.


In addition to our weekly calls, I make myself available to you by e-mail and WhatsApp as your accountability partner and sounding board.


If this sounds like you, and you think we could be a good fit, then I invite you to apply for your free 90 minute clarity session by clicking the button below right now.




You go through the motions on autopilot, intuitively knowing there is something better for you out there. You feel kind of OK most of the time, but you aren't exactly jumping out of bed with joy in the morning. 

If you thought "Yes!" to the above, then this book is for you. Whether you are young, successful, miserable or not, through this book you will learn how you got to the place you are now, and get super clear on what you want your life to be. 



Men often suffer alone, but you don't have to.

I was divorced at 35 and it shattered my heart into tiny bits. It was the most difficult emotional time of my life - but also the most transformative.

If you have the same questions that I have about love, marriage, monogamy, divorce, masculinity and more, you should find some solace in this book.

Get your free advance copy now before its official launch.

While I have read many of the books that are referenced, this book covers the basics in a easy to understand form. Personally, I learned that I wasn't focusing my attention in the right areas. The exercises are extremely useful in helping to prioritizing wants, needs and goals. The suggestions to get and keep a positive mindset are very effective. The touch of humor and the authors own personal experiences make it personable and relatable.

Patti H.

Young, Successful & Miserable is a perfect guide for those who still feel they are missing something in their life - those who feel trapped despite outwardly appearing to be "successful". Throughout the book, Kevin Holt's conversational, anecdote-filled writing style is what really kept me turning the pages. It's extremely readable, as it should be - no-one needs an overcomplex, overwritten, thousand-page odyssey to add to their already busy lifestyle - and the fact the author has so clearly "been there" really drives the book.

Richard G.

Must reading for every young person seeking to find their way in the world. The author offers valuable insight into the sources of true happiness drawn from his own experience. Highly recommended!

Earl M.


I have been blessed with a strange kind of fortune that money cannot buy. 

One hot July day when I was 18, I nearly drowned to death in Newport, Rhode Island.

I had gone there with some new friends I had made that summer. We were all in the Cape Cod restaurant service between college semesters.


It was a perfect day. The sun was yellow and hot, and the sky a cloudless sapphire blue.


We stopped for a rest along a little bay on the Atlantic Ocean, tempted with the idea of going for a dip in the Atlantic. The water was clear and cool and I could see a school of little fishes swimming rapidly.


I jumped in first, and was instantly sucked into a dark underwater tunnel.


When I realized what had happened, I found myself just inside the edge of the tunnel, its cement edge only a few centimeters from my grasp. With all my might I swam against the current, desperate to grab onto the edge of the tunnel, knowing that if my hands could just find a purchase there, I would be able to pull myself out.


I was a strong swimmer but the current was tremendous.

I clawed and scraped against the cement sides of the tunnel, trying to make progress toward the edge, but I felt like I was slowly losing ground, being pulled centimeter by centimeter deeper into the tunnel.


I chanced a glance over my shoulder to see where the tunnel led. Nothing but watery blackness.


I wasn't sure how much time had passed. 30 seconds? One minute? Two? I was using up all my oxygen in the struggle.


It's true what they say about your life flashing before your eyes. 18 years of life consolidated into a 1 second highlight reel.

If I kept struggling like this against the current I would surely drown. 

There was only one choice left: surrender.


Allow the current to pull me deeper into the tunnel and accept that it may lead to my death.


As afraid I had ever been in my life, I let go and let the current take me in.


By some miracle, after a few moments I floated to the top of the tunnel where there was an air pocket. That breath was the sweetest moment of my entire life.


If the tide had been higher... if I had kept struggling and lost consciousness... my life would have been over.


I was given a second chance.


The very next summer, I had a heart attack.


I was a university athlete and in the best shape of my life.

I was either training, swimming, or in the gym 3 hours a day, 6 days a week.

One June morning around 10:30 I was at home eating cereal when I felt a crushing sensation around my chest. 

At first I thought it was just indigestion, but then both my arms went numb, and my heartbeat was very erratic.

I (stupidly) drove myself to the emergency room and made it without losing consciousness. But the nurses and doctors did not believe me. They thought I was having a bout of anxiety about my upcoming exams. They gave me anti-anxiety medicine.

When the medicine did nothing to alleviate my pain, they finally ran an ECG. Then they believed me.

I had 0% blockage of the arteries. The doctors couldn't really explain to me why it happened.

They called it vasospasm: a random spasm of the coronary artery.

Perhaps putting a clinical term was supposed to make it more understandable and provide a sense of security.

But I didn't feel any more secure.

Two days before American Thanksgiving 2009, I received a missed call from my mom at 4 a.m.

"Dad's dead," she said.

He was in perfect health. He fell to his death while setting up his hunting tree stand.

It's the kind of thing you hear about on the six o'clock news. But it's always about somebody else.

In 2018, my wife suddenly abandoned me after 10 years together.


We had been the couple that other people our age used to ask: "How do you keep the love alive after so long?"

There wasn't any real bad period. Everything seemed harmonious, loving and happy.

It was as if she simply woke up one day and said, "You've been the perfect husband. And I still love you. But I don't want this anymore. Goodbye."

Every man's deepest fear is that the woman he commits his life to will leave him. My nightmare came true without any warning signs.

You might be reading this and thinking, that sounds awful. Where is the fortunate part?


These were all very painful experiences.


But they have had an enormous impact on the trajectory of my life and have taught me some priceless lessons.

I had faced the two primal fears - Fear of Death, and Fear of Loss of Love - and not only survived, but became immeasurably stronger thanks to it.


1. Power


The deeper your pain, the more inner power and joy you will have once you get through it.


Pain can be a tremendous source of strength. Say "thank you" to the pain you are experiencing now. You
may not see it yet, but it is tempering your spirit into hard-forged steel.

I believe that pain is necessary in order to be come truly Un-Fuckwithable.


Be grateful for hitting rock bottom. You have nowhere to go but up. There is no point in being anyone other than your True Self.

Say NO to a mediocre life. What's the worst that could happen if you fail? You've already been to the bottom once and you survived. You can do it again.



2. Purpose


It has been said that life is a journey back to the heart.


Most internal conflicts are a battle between the head and the heart. I am an over-analyzer and over-thinker by nature, and these experiences have reminded me to trust in my intuition. Get out of your head and allow your heart and soul to guide you. You cannot think your way into your purpose.


Follow your own bliss as if your life depends on it. Because it does.



3. Peace


We are all going to die. Yet we sleepwalk through life as if we're going to live forever.


We have two lives, and the second begins once we truly understand that we only have one. - Confucius (paraphrased)


Impermanence is one of the fundamental truths of life. Nothing in your life today is guaranteed to be there tomorrow. Be grateful for what you have today and for the people in your life now. Know that your struggles and pain are likely eclipsed by that of millions of others. You probably have it much better than you realize.


Once you accept that, you will be at peace.


Once you are at peace with your present, your goals do not matter so much.

You understand that once you achieve a goal, there will be another goal, and another.

Enjoy the journey.

Once you are able to enjoy the journey, you will pursue it with all of your heart.


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